by The Society of Computational Science of Art

A smoking rotot

Communication is one of methods to produce ideas and to make a discovery. There are special communication groups in society (e.g. smoking area, coffee break). Those groups are divided by several reasons such as location and constitution. We propose to expand groups by using a Telexistence-robot. The telexisitence-robot converts from a person's behavior out of smoking group to a smoking parson's behavior in the group. People can do the better communication with tuning effect by using robot than using only sound and video. We make a smoking telexistence robot.

Suikin system

This research focuses on the relationship between music and pronunciation, which is one of music components. We predict speaker’s feelings by listening its voice. Impressive music are produced by combination of phonemes. Robert Plutchik interpreted that feelings can vectorize numerically. Then we expect that music generated from combined specific emotional voice is an impression evoking same emotion to listeners. Using music composed by multiple different feeling voice, this presentation contributes the study about creating impressive music.